Education Researchers

Education Researcher Email Area of Interest Department
Paul Blowers active learning, student retention, classroom interventions, co-teaching Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Molly Bolger Bolger primarily studies how undergraduate students learn biology and is interested in creating and studying learning environments that integrate biological concepts with scientific skills. Molecular and Cellular Biology
Sanlyn Buxner Science education research, mixed methods, undergraduate science experience, research experiences for teachers, graduate program reform Department of Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies
Adriana Cimetta Evaluation of educational and health programs, assessment, STEM interventions, undergraduate research experiences, early childhood, K-12 school readiness, college readiness, educational policy.  Educational Psychology
Melissa Delgado Related to STEM, Delgado's current project examines sources of academic socialization (parents, teachers, peers) as predictors of academic outcomes in middle to high school students. Family Studies and Human Development
Erin Galyen Astronomy education research, qualitative research methods, faculty professional development, undergraduate teaching and learning  UCATT
Karen Spear Ellinwood Mixed methods study on education in classroom and clinical educational settings, including instructional methods, feedback, use of technology for learning. Curricular Affairs/OB-GYN College of Medicine
Vicente Talanquer Chemistry education research focused on aspects related to student learning and teaching thinking using both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Chemistry and Biochemistry
Marcy Wood Mathematical learning of elementary students, specifically students who have not yet been successful in mathematics classrooms. Using the tools of discourse and identity to examine mathematical learning and to assist teachers in supporting the mathematical learning of their students. Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural Studies