We know that building the just right team is imperative to planning and implementing a successful project. We can help you find the right partner through our lists of professionals, or you can set up a consultation to explore further. Additionally, we can help set up a team management plan that is appropriate for your project.

If you are looking for UA collaborators based on their disciplinary and research expertise, please explore the UA’s Institutional Knowledge Map

If you are searching for a Broader Impacts partner, it is best to reach out to the contact person early in your project planning. Partners listed in the database are not guaranteed in terms of availability or capacity to participate. We have existing relationships with most of the programs and are happy to make email introductions.

Education Researchers

If you are looking to add an Education Researcher to your team of investigators, view our list of UArizona faculty members and their areas of specialty. 

Project Evaluators

If you are looking for a Project Evaluator, view our list of internal and external Evaluators.

Broader Impacts Partners

If you are looking for a Broader Impacts Partner, search our Partner Database

Pascua Yaqui and Tohono Oodham Flags

Photograph by Amanda Cheromiah

If you are looking for a Research and Resource Liaison with Native communities, view the resources offered by Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office (NPTAO).

Contact: Claudia Nelson, Director
(520) 626-9181



Michelle Higgins, Associate Director of Societal Impact