Alison M.

Alison M. Meadow

Associate Research Professor

Alison M. Meadow is an Associate Research Professor based in RII – Societal Impact. She has a background in environmental anthropology, Indigenous studies, and urban planning. She received her PhD in Anthropology from the Resilience and Adaptation Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Dr. Meadow’s research focuses on the process of linking research with decision making to improve the usability of science with an emphasis on evaluating the societal impacts of research. She is a co-investigator with the NOAA-funded Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS). Dr. Meadow works with research programs to help them move research into use by communities, practitioners, and policymakers. Dr. Meadow manages RII-Societal Impact’s Research Impacts Project.


Recent Publications


Meadow, A. M., Owen, G., Joshi, N., & Lodge Otto, E. (2024). Combining Impact Goal and Impact Descriptor Frameworks to Elucidate the Societal Impacts of Research: A Pilot Study. Research For All.


Martinez, D. J., Meadow, A. M., Middleton, E. R., & Maldonado, J. (2024). Climate Justice and Climate Adaptation in the US Southwest: Indigenous Community Climate Adaptation Leadership and Opportunities for Scientific Collaboration.


Ferguson, D. B., Meadow, A. M., & Huntington, H. P. (2022). Making a Difference: Planning for Engaged Participation in Environmental Research. Environmental Management, 69(2), 227-243.


Wilmer, H., Meadow, A. M., Brymer, A. B., Carroll, S. R., Ferguson, D. B., Garba, I., Greene, C., Owen, G., & Peck, D. E. (2021). Expanded Ethical Principles for Research Partnership and Transdisciplinary Natural Resource Management Science. Environmental Management, 68(4), 453-467.


Meadow, A. M., & Owen, G. (2021). Planning and Evaluating the Societal Impacts of Climate Change Research Projects: A guidebook for natural and physical scientists looking to make a difference.


  • PhD, Environmental Anthropology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • MS, Planning, University of Arizona
  • MA, American Indian Studies, University of Arizona
  • BA (Hons.), Native Studies, Trent University