Dania Cruz Jimenez

Title III Student Administrative Assistant

Hi, my name is Dania Cruz and I am from San Luis, Az. I am pursuing a career in Psychology and am considering minoring in Mexican American study but I am still considering my options. The reason why I was initially interested in psychology is because of my older sister. When she was in high school she would always tell me about it and it quickly became a personal interest. Now that I am older, I can say that I am pursuing this career because I am passionate about learning and am confident that I will always be learning new things in this field. Seeing as this career had a stigma for discouraging diversity, it is important to me as a Mexican student to contribute to the diversity of this program because I believe representation matters. I hope to become a clinical psychologist, to achieve this I plan to go back to school after obtaining my bachelor’s degree to receive my master’s and eventually obtain a PsyD.

Cruz Jimenez